Making Personalized Calendars Using Favorite Family Photos

Choosing Family Photos: Family photo calendars are very high quality but they are only as pleasing as your excellent of photos makes them. Choice your favorite digital photos to love the finest possible results and remember that scenery works best regardless of whether you select the A4 or A3 design of personalized photo calendar. You […]

Making Personalized Calendars Using Favorite Family Photos — Promotional Calendars for Business at Sands of Time

Business & Promotional Calendars: Best Way to Advertise Products

Calendars are the fundamental need of the each house and workplace as these helps a person to keep track of their time and days. The Promotional Calendars are versatile promotional item and even a much more versatile so that the individuals can understands it. It generally develops the visibility of the organization not for only […]

Business & Promotional Calendars: Best Way to Advertise Products — Business Calendars

Best photo gift services to give to best memories to your loved ones!


We live in a digital world spilling over with images and screens. By venturing back and making an unmistakable photo you’ll have the option to reconnect with your images, as well as with those moments. What’s more, offering memories to loved ones will be such a great deal simpler. Very much like cheerful moments never becomes dated, nostalgia follows you all over the place. At the point when it calls, you need to respond to it. The outcome is only a desire for old times. Stand by a moment, we have called the endurance factor – Printed photos. So get these best photo gift/print services and partake in those moments!

Hold your customized photo albums or schedules or prints in your grasp and let sentimentality overcome you. It’s conceivable that you can be exhausted by looking down the digital photos in the gallery and afterwards you at last shut it…

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Brochure Printing Tips to Keep You on the Right Track

Ayu Digiprint

What is a brochure? Brochure is a type of material that is meant for advertising. This printed material is very appropriate to use when you are planning to publicize a certain product, event, or services. Mostly this material makes use of attention-grabbing design and straightforward language to get the interest of potential customers. Printing brochures need not be so complicated. Yes, this is true.

You only need to be smart in planning your brochure printing project and of course get the suitable printer to execute the job. To be smart means you have to give attention to detail in every element that makes up your entire brochure.

These elements cover what you have to offer to customers, your target market, and what benefits do the customer can get from you. Here are some simple tips to help you get going with your brochure printing jobs: Highlight you marketing message. If…

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FAQ’s About Bulk Calendar Printing 

Whether you’re considering bulk calendar printing for your business, or as fundraising calendars – chances are you’ve got a few questions. Ordering custom calendars in bulk is great way to drive a message while keeping costs low. However, there are a few things to consider. So, what do you need to know?

Printing custom calendars in bulk is a great promotional tool for businesses, fundraising initiatives, NPO’s and photographers. They offer a unique opportunity to display your brand or missions’ message through a functional piece of marketing.  

While most suppliers will offer comprehensive support throughout the process, it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with some guidelines so you can make the most out of your print run. These are some of the most common questions when it comes to bulk calendar printing:   

What is the Minimum Quantity You Can Order?  

This is often dependant on your printing supplier. For most, you will be required to order a minimum of 50-80 calendars on your first print run. Some suppliers may offer lower quantities on re-orders, but it will depend on your style of calendar.  

At the end of the day, when you are considering bulk calendar printing, it’s good to get your money’s worth and order as many calendars as you need.  

How Much Can I Customise?  

Again, this depends on your supplier. At CalendarPrint, we allow you to either work with your own designer or use our team of experts to guide you. You can add your own images or use the one’s supplied in our extensive image gallery. You can also have additional customisation of logos and content throughout your calendar.  

Do I Get to See a Sample Before It Goes to Print?  

Most often, you will get a digital proof for you to look at before your print is completed. Should you be wanting a physical copy to proof, it is absolutely possible. Although, you will likely be charged an additional fee for this.  

How Long Does Bulk Calendar Printing Take?  

This answer will also depend on your supplier. A professional calendar printing company should take around 2 weeks turnaround time. This will of course be subject to your kinds of artwork, specifications and order quantity. Check with your supplier before you place order to be sure.  

Fundraising calendars, business calendars, photography calendars – these are what we specialise in at CalendarPrint.  

For all your bulk calendar printing needs, contact CalendarPrint today. Our business, photography and fundraising calendars can be ordered through and easy online process. With over 10 years’ experience, we can offer you quality printing and premium service. Visit our website for more.